Get the performance you paid for
David Bromberg quoted by Dan Forte in
Vintage Guitar
July 2007
  See yourself here...send us a picture with your
voodoo'd mandolin!

I was very apprehensive when my Eastman 615
came back this week from it's MandoVoodoo
treatment. This mandolin is one of four
Eastmans that I have and it never had the
sound I thought it should have. ...I had planned
to sell the 615, but thought I'd give it a chance
after you had worked on it.
The 615 is now superior to the 605 and the 505
(which was the second best). It is louder and has
a clearer tone. I am very pleased with the
results. Your adjustment of the intonation and
action made it even better. I also appreciate the
prompt service.

...I was skeptical that the MandoVoodoo process
could make a significant difference, but am now
fully sold on your work. I would say that there has
been a 30% increase in volume on my 615 and
the tone is much better than it was. Before, it had
a muffled sound when compared to my two
Eastman A models, but now it's clear as a bell
and has a good bark to it.

Thanks so much for the great work. I look
forward to having you work on all of my

Thanks again"

Kirk Randleman
Old Fort NC

Excellent job with my Gibson. Played a show Sat. night- I
believe the mando will now hold its own with anything. I
played it in the parking lot at the Olive Garden before
leaving Knoxville Wednesday for my friend Dr. Pritcher,
and he immediately noted the excellent tone.

Seems to have better note separation. Definitely more
responsive, more volume and mikes better. It all added
up to being able to play with the increased confidence
that comes with being sure the instrument will respond to
your touch.

Thanks again,
Dr. Bobby Jones"
"Setup is also such an important factor. Funny
how we buy a mandolin, only to send it off
immediately for setup. This is where things get
interesting! I played the Eastman for a few
minutes at a time, and Steve would ask to see it.
He would then seemingly remove imperceptible
amounts of wood from the bracing, perhaps
other places inside the top, and even the bridge.
EVERY TIME he handed it back, it sounded
better. Being a bench- builder of violins, Steve
is in tune with the properties of violin building,
and realizes the similarities with mandolins."

Roscoe Morgan
Noted musician & mandolinist on Mandolin Cafe
about his Eastman Mandolin MD615 No. 166
  "My [Eastman MD]505 came in yesterday, and after
sitting on a FedEx truck for the past 3 days straight, it was
torture to sit there staring it the case while acclimating.
Finally after a patient 6 hours, I opened it up last night
and played a bit. So this morning, I just wanted to shoot
you a note to let you know, that I could not be more
pleased with it. What an awesome mandolin and a
GREAT price! And the sound…. It’s phenomenal! I had
played another 505 locally before ordering from you, and
I thought it was great… until this one arrived. This mando
absolutely sings. I had never thought I would be buying
instruments like this online without having played them
first, but I am very glad I did. Thanks so much for taking
the time to communicate with me and deal with me, you
really provided a great buying experience for me, and I
would not hesitate to do business with you again, or
recommend you to others.
Thanks so much!"

The mandolin arrived yesterday.  When I unpacked it,
I strummed it with my fingers.  Wow! could I hear the
difference.  Thank you so very much for the work you


  "Re 'Mathers' mandolin

'It sounds better now than when it was new!',  Kevin exclaimed
when he played my mando at last nights Mandolin Orchestra

Well, it sure does.

The mandovoodoo results are quite noticeable.  Others in the
group noticed too.  It wasn't the loudest mandolin, but had the
sweetest sound and superb clarity.

Thanks again,
"Hello Steve,

The F4 has been tremendous since you worked on it,
and is extremely responsive.  "Clear" (as you said
below) is exactly the word.  I have said before, maybe
to you, that it's the most F5-sounding F4 that I've
heard (if that isn't total nonsense).  It has the
oval-hole warmth, but  can ring really clean.  And after
only a few minutes of playing, that basswood kerfing
smell just pours out of the oval hole.  That wood really
moves now!

The F4 and the blonde F2 came back from you as
much improved instruments, and I'm appreciative.

Best wishes, many thanks, and condolences again,
R. C."

I'm back from vacation and have played the Arches and 615.
Each is easier to play than before, which is nice.

I wasn't expecting much change in the sound of the Arches and
I don't think there was a lot, but there does seem to be more
clarity, especially in the trebles.

The Eastman is like a completely different mandolin. It has
much more presence, more richness and more volume. Wow.
The change is very impressive.

Now I'm thinking maybe I should send you my Big Muddy flattop.
It sounds nice, but increased clarity would make it fabulous. I'll
let you know.


Eric F."
"Steve be careful with that Voodoo practice of yours,
the Mojo coming out of this mandolin is scary.  I'm
looking forward to coming to visit and meeting you
both.  . . .  I'll be bring my F-5 for you to tweek with
your JuJu Voodoo.  

Thanks again for a wonderful mandolin.
  "Time to report on the Mandovoodoo performance
tweaking done to my 615. In short, worth every hard
earned penny I paid Steve for the work. It sounds totally
different. Sound is brighter and volume is much
improved. Even the very slight buzzing it had is gone. I
feel like I have a brand new mandolin."

"The [Eastman] MD-615 arrived safe & sound !!  
I can definitely feel and hear the difference big
time! It's so much easier to play. It sounds better
up and down the neck. The chops are actually
much better now in "G, B & C". I'm very pleased
with Steve's work and the overall outcome. . . .
Again, thanks for the great work, patience and
all around taking care of business!"

  "It's all I expected and more. I would have to pay at least
twice this price to find anything that sounds comparable.
Everyone who hears it is impressed. Thanks."

"Hi Steve and Gianna,
I got my new Eastman 604 # 38 in yesterday.  Shes a
keeper.  Setup is perfect and she's effortless to play.  
This kitten has a nice feline meow, a perfect
companion for my howling hound dog F-5.  Thank you
both for helping me find exactly what I was looking for."
The 915 arrived today in perfect condition and almost in tune!  I
love it!  It is more than I expected.  Thanks for the great job . . .
.  I will enjoy playing this axe for a long time.  Chalk me up as a
satisfied customer."

Eastman MD915
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